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Pet Anxiety 101

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There are few moments in a pet parent’s life that are as daunting as seeing your BFF in an anxious state. As parents, we want to make all better-it’s instinct, right?

Anxiety is defined as the anticipation of future dangers from unknown or imagined origins that usually result in normal bodily reactions associated with common fear.  With pets, signs may include urinating/pooping, destruction, barking/whining/crying, trembling, hiding, reduced activity and escape behavior.  Separation anxiety is the most common specific anxiety in companion animals, so when alone, pets can exhibit excessive stress disorders.  Causes of this can be many-mistreatment, abandonment, a frightful experience, an unfamiliar environment, constant rehoming, or an illness or physical condition that contributes to these anxieties or phobias.  Thunderstorms, fireworks and car rides are common anxieties for many pets.  So what to do?

If you suspect your BFF has an anxiety, there are several solutions to ease Fido’s mind and calm him.  Once you have ruled out any medical conditions such as thyroid or brain disease, it’s simply a matter of what works best for your pet.  At gabbi’s, we advocate proper training and natural, holistic methods of anxiety relief.  Behavioral modification can be accomplished with a committed pet parent or a certified trainer, and this can help if routinely reinforced.  Another tried and true method is the Thundershirt wrap for anxiety.  It works just like a baby swaddle-it applies appropriate pressure to the animal, providing security to reduce stress levels.  Finally, we have all natural treats, drops and gels that provide quick relief for anxious pets.  They are available in several forms and are proven to work very well with no side effects.  PRO-CALM Canine Calming Gel comes in an easy to use, dose measured syringe applicator.  Like all calming agents we carry, it is an all natural, professional grade formula that consistently and easily helps Fido keep his wits when stressed.

Stop by and ask us which method is best for your BFF.  We are always researching products for overall pet and pet parent wellness.  We want your BFF to live a long and happy, stress free life!

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