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Flea & Tick Control

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Warmer weather is in the air, which means fleas and ticks are anxiously waiting to make your pet their new home!  So what to do?

We advocate a simple two-step approach to flea & tick control.  Step one is identifying if your BFF has a problem.  A flea/tick comb works well and will usually tell you if fleas are present.  If you find one, simply drown him by flushing away!  Ticks are attached, so comb carefully and scan for them-if you find one, the stubborn bloodsucker must be removed gently with tweezers to avoid pet discomfort and possible infection.  It is best to grab the tick as close to your pet’s skin and slowly remove it intact, exercising extra caution.  This is the best method-no heat or chemicals are necessary.  If you aren’t comfortable with doing it, simply pay your vet a visit.

Ok, so you have identified that pests are present, now what?

Step two is prevention, which is always the best policy, particularly when it comes to these pests.  Although they are not as active in the colder months, they can still be a year round problem that must be treated accordingly.  Adequate spring flea & tick control starts now and continues through the fall and winter months, particularly if warmer than usual.  We advocate all natural, no-chemical treatments that are very effective and 100% safe for you, your pet and the environment.  Yard sprays can be quite effective, particularly if living near wooded areas.  We have several options in the form of powders, sprays, drops, shampoos and food additives that can safely be used with any cat or dog.  A new line we just brought is Earth Animal.  This USA based family-owned company makes a variety of flea/tick preventive products that have a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Stop by and ask us which flea & tick control method is best for your BFF.  We are always researching products for overall pet and pet parent wellness.

We want your BFF to live a long and happy, pest-free life!  

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