Flea & Tick Control

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Warmer weather is in the air, which means fleas and ticks are anxiously waiting to make your pet their new home!  So what to do? We advocate a simple two-step approach to flea & tick control.  Step one is identifying … Read More

Pet Anxiety 101

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There are few moments in a pet parent’s life that are as daunting as seeing your BFF in an anxious state. As parents, we want to make all better-it’s instinct, right? Anxiety is defined as the anticipation of future dangers … Read More

Meat VS Meal-Just the facts, ma’am

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Pet Food Ingredients-Whole Meat VS. Meal, the real facts. We, at gabbi’s, are constantly researching various pet foods and the ingredients that go into them for a variety of reasons-nutritional value, relevance, source, digestibility, palatability, etc.  Lately there is some … Read More

WHY switch your pet to a high quality diet?

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  High quality MEAT proteins like chicken, fish, beef, duck, turkey, or bison are the #1 ingredient essential for appetite, healthy coat, skin, muscle growth, vitality, and stamina. High quality diets contain vitamins, minerals, and nutrients which are highly digestible … Read More