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WHY switch your pet to a high quality diet?

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  • High quality MEAT proteins like chicken, fish, beef, duck, turkey, or bison are the #1 ingredient essential for appetite, healthy coat, skin, muscle growth, vitality, and stamina.
  • High quality diets contain vitamins, minerals, and nutrients which are highly digestible and absorb better for your pet’s overall health and wellness.
  • Premium ingredients used in these diets help to ward off pet issues like allergies, sensitive stomach, obesity, oral health, and hip/joint issues, to name a few.
  • High quality foods are a better value! Higher digestibility and absorption means you will feed LESS to accomplish MORE. Less food=less waste to clean up.
  • High quality foods offer sample packs for your pet to try first, taking the hassle out of costly trial and error purchases to satisfy your pet’s palette. Ask us, we offer samples!

Remember, our pets are CARNIVORES! As wolf and wild cat descendants, our domesticated dogs and cats crave meat. Their bodies are biologically engineered to hunt, kill, chew and digest meat proteins and fat very efficiently. Premium diets are as close to these instinctual cravings as eating in the wild, without the hassle.

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