Proper Pet Hydration-the heat is on!

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We spend hours of time researching foods and shopping for safe toys and healthy treats for our BFFs, but did you know that water is the most important element in keeping your pet healthy? It is the main component of healthy living cells of the body, and without it, your pet cannot function properly. Rover would dehydrate.

Just like us, a dog’s body is around 80% water, so it is critical for to keep your pet hydrated properly for a variety of reasons. What is water’s purpose? Water is essential to help dissolve and carry substances throughout the body, moving nutrients into and out of the cells within the body. It aids in proper digestion of food, assists with nutrient absorption, and it lubricates and cushions joints, making movement easier. It is also critical for waste filtering, circulation, and serves to cool the body down and maintain a normal body temperature, especially during the warmer summer months when outside activity is prevalent.

Without it, the body can’t function properly.

Most dogs know to drink an adequate amount of water, but that is not always the case. A healthy dog can be moderately dehydrated and still function. Checking for signs of dehydration is very simple. These can include lethargy, excessive panting, dry gums, sunken or dry eyes, and dry nose. You can also check his skin-pick up a loose fold of skin over the top of the shoulder and release it. It should quickly fall back in place, but if dehydration is present, the skin will slowly return or even stay where you pulled it. If your pet drinks a lot and you still suspect dehydration, a trip to the vet may be in order to diagnose a more serious complication.

Keeping your BFF hydrated is easy. Always provide clean, fresh, drinking water that is always accessible for your pet throughout the home. Use a clean water bowl that is correctly sized for your pet’s daily water needs, keeping in mind that a dog needs about one ounce of water for every pound of body weight every day. He should not be able to knock over his water bowl, so make sure it’s placed on a firm surface. On long walks or car trips, bring a collapsible water bowl or portable thermal dispenser so he always has access to water.  Lastly, the toilet bowl is NOT a water dish for obvious reasons, so keep the lids down!

At gabbi’s, we have a great variety of bowls and hydration carriers for your pet’s needs, just ask us which it best for you and your furry friend’s needs. As always, we want you and your pet to live a long, happy, hydrated life together!

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